The birth of your baby, which you have probably been looking forward to for months. Childbirth is an exciting moment for many women that you want to prepare for as well as possible.
Scientific studies have shown that “acupuncture” can help prepare for childbirth. The studies showed that acupuncture helps to make the delivery smoother and smoother.

Maternity leave

At 36 weeks, most women in the Netherlands are allowed to take maternity leave. Time to slow down and prepare for the birth.
This is also the time to start acupuncture in preparation for childbirth. The treatments are aimed at gaining more energy, reducing tension before childbirth and thus preparing the body for childbirth. These  acupuncture treatments are also known as pre-birth treatments.

How does a pre-birth treatment work?

Treatment start at 36 weeks, and takes place weekly until delivery. The pre-birth treatments focus on preparation for the smoothest labour possible, but if necessary, other (pregnancy) complaints can also be treated.
If desired, I can also give tips about acupuncture points that can be massaged during childbirth to support contractions, pain and relaxation. This is what you call acupressure. With the correct instruction you can apply this yourself (or have it applied) during childbirth by, for example, your partner.

Inducing labor with acupuncture

If you are over 40 weeks pregnant, and induction is considered necessary, acupuncture may also be an option. When the body and baby are ready, acupuncture can stimulate the body to initiate labour. These treatments are only done with permission from your obstetrician or gynaecologist.

Scientific research into acupuncture in pregnancy

The University of Mannheim conducted a study of 800 pregnant women that showed that the women treated with acupuncture had a shorter labor time (on average 2 hours shorter).
Another study by Dr. Michaela Gross of the University of Cologne concluded that acupuncture in preparation for childbirth caused the pregnant women to experience less pain during labor and more energy until the pushing phase.

Would you like to know more about acupuncture & preparation for childbirth?
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