Acupuncture for babies and children

Acupuncture for babies, children and teenagers

Acupuncture is also a suitable treatment for babies and children. Children often respond quickly and well to acupuncture treatment.
In my practice I use Shonishin for babies and small children, a technique from Japanese acupuncture in which no needles are used. Instead of needles I use various instruments to massage with. Children often experience Shonishin treatment as very pleasant. I often get the reaction from children that it is nice and that it sometimes tickles a bit.

Shonishin childacupuncture

Shonishin is part of Japanese acupuncture. It is already an old method that originated in Japan about 350 years ago. Because children often cannot sit still for half an hour, this is a pleasant method. During the treatment they may also sit, or sit on mom’s, dad’s, there caregiver’s lap. Children are much more sensitive and respond faster to stimuli, and therefore also to treatment.

For which complaints can a Shonishin treatment be used?

  • To increase resistance. Think of the constant “squabbling”. Your child is often sick, has a chronic cold, a lot of coughing, recurring ear infections.
  • For skin complaints such as eczema
  • In case of complaints related to digestion such as abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation (hard stools).
  • Wetting the bed at a later age (from 6 years)
  • For emotional problems and sleeping problems. Think of crying a lot (crying baby), colic in babies, sleeping badly, waking up much too early, nightmares, hypersensitivity to impressions.
  • But also as support with vaccinations.

How many treatments are needed?

Children generally need fewer treatments than adults. How many treatments are needed depends on the complaint. Some complaints have already been resolved with 3 treatments, other complaints require multiple treatments.

During the treatment I will also tell you what you can do at home and I will teach you which points you can massage at home. I also give you advice on nutrition & lifestyle.

Would you like to know more about acupuncture for children, or what I can do for your son or daughter? Please feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to answer your questions. You can also make an appointment directly.

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