acupuncture for a breech baby

acupuncture for a breech presentation

Did you know that acupuncture is a good option if your baby is in a breech position?
It is preferable to do this at week 33 or 34 of pregnancy, but if the baby is still breech (or has lain down) later in the pregnancy, acupuncture is still worth a try.

Modern studies confirm that moxibustion does increase the success of the fetus repositioning.

A certain treatment at a specific acupuncture point can cause the baby to turn ‘spontaneously’ before delivery. In consultation with an obstetrician and under the guidance of an acupuncturist, this therapy can be applied safely and successfully. This is the conclusion of Ineke van den Berg, researcher at Erasmus MC, in her dissertation on which she obtained her PhD in 2010.
If you would like to read more about this research: you can find it here.

What is moxa?

Moxa is a mugwort herb, which is processed in sticks and cones. By burning this heat is released with which you can heat the desired acupuncture points.
In a breech presentation, we heat a point near the little toe, which naturally stimulates a rotation of the baby.
According to Chinese Medicine, the moxa at that point provides a warming energy to the uterus, which stimulates your baby to turn on its own.

When treating a breech presentation with moxa, one treatment in my practice is sufficient, you can then continue the treatment at home. That is why it is nice if you take your partner or someone else with you to the practice, so that I can explain to you together how the treatment works and what points of attention there are.
After a conversation, the pregnant woman can lie/sit on the treatment table, and we start with the moxa treatment. During the treatment I show you how to use the moxa sticks   and there is plenty of room to ask questions.
After the treatment you will receive a moxa stick from me to take home, so that you can repeat the treatment at home for a few more days.

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